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Essential Guide to Outdoor Photography


This From stunning scenics to captivating wildlife and beautiful flowers, there s no shortage of subjects of cover. This guide provides advice and inspiration to passionate outdoor photographers looking to take their best ever images. Our team of experts provide in-depth advice to photographing all the most popular outdoor subjects, including wildlife, nature, close-ups and landscapes. This guide also features a major section dedicated to filters an essential accessory for landscape photography. Develop your photo skills and passion for photography and find the inspiration you need to capture amazing outdoor images.


Everything you need to get the best out of your camera for outdoor shots - the example pictures are superb, the guidance and advice second to none.


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Essential Guide to Close-Up Photography

The miniature world is one we can not see with the naked eye, so being able to view and capture it is an incredibly satisfying experience. Wonder soon turns into frustration as you discover the challenges that macro photography presents. This guide offers expert advice, creative ideas and essential techniques to help you master your photo skills and capture stunning close-up results.


Everything you need to know to enable you to branch out into the fascinating, inspirational world of close-up photography. It's not just insects that provide us with the best subjects for close up shots, as this brilliant book will show you. Terrific!


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The Definitive Guide to Google Hidden Tools

In The Definitive Guide to Google Hidden Tools, the experts at Web User and Computeractive lift the lid on Google s most popular tools to reveal more than 430 ways to make them even more efficient, useful and tailored to your needs. These include clever new add-ons for Chrome, amazing free apps for Android and stunning sights in Google Maps, as well as secret tips for Gmail, Drive, YouTube and many more. The wonderful thing about Google is that there are always new tricks to learn and, once you ve discovered them, you ll use them every day.


With the vast majority of PC users now converted to Google and Internet Explorer a thing of the past, it's essential to know exactly how to get the best out of the software, and this terrific book will help you to do that. A treasure-trove of goodies is revealed before your very eyes...


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Fix Your Apple

The tools most of us now use every day are not simple mechanical contraptions, but complex marvels of solid-state electronics. Arguably, there is little point in opening them up; what is inside can not readily be tinkered with. Yet, there are times when you will want to do just that. Produced in association with iFixit, the leading source of independent repair instructions, this illustrated guide provides a great starting point if you want to maintain, repair and upgrade your hardware. Read on to find out what is under the covers of the products you use.


I'm sure someone, someday, will write a similar book for Windows laptop users, but for now, here is the Bible for Apple Mac users... Nothing you can't do for yourself, it seems...


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Eat Well Stay Slim

Are you looking for healthy, diet-friendly recipes and nutrition advice? You have come to the right place. A must for any budding healthy chef, this MagBook from the experts at Health & Fitness magazine draws together 50 of our best recipes to satisfy your tastebuds and help you reach your eight-loss goals. You will learn the secrets to a healthy diet and discover how easy it is to create slim-line versions of your favourite meals. You will also learn some healthy cooking skills to use in the kitchen and discover new, tasty and nutritious ingredients, thanks to expert tips from healthy chef Lyndon Gee. By following our easy eating suggestions, in combination with regular exercise, you will soon feel slim, energised and brimming with health.


Sensational, mouthwatering recipes and suggestions for meals and snacks that prove that it's possible to eat well and not put on a great deal of weight... Superb!


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Legs, Bums and Tums

Want a home workout that targets your trouble zones? This MagBook is packed with exercises to attack your legs, your bum and your tum! If you have been to a legs, bums & tums class at a gym, you will know how effective these workouts can be for shaping up. That is why we have created this book, so you can enjoy the benefits of a gym workout but in the comfort of your own home. You will find exercises for each body part, plus five themed circuits, designed to get your blood pumping and these key muscle groups crying for mercy.


That phrase "enjoy the benefits of a gym workout but in the comfort of your own homw"... says it all for me. A really, really good book with sensible ideas for gentle but effective exercise...


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