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Daniel Pascoe: Dead End

Published by The Book Guild 27th October 2016


This next gripping crime novel from Daniel Pascoe author of The London Sniper (Book Guild, 2015) takes us through the story of our protagonist, Matthew Crawford, who fathered a child at seventeen and never saw her... At the wedding of his other daughter, Annabel, Matthew delivers his much rehearsed and awaited speech, during which he tells of his loves and loss, the personal tragedy of the death of his wife, Rachel, and some other family stories of joy, interspersed with the usual jokes. Reminiscing about his successful career and his family, Matthew decides, after thirty years, to start looking for his lost daughter, Sophie; to then find her in desperate trouble in south Spain from where he rescues her, only for her ultimately to suffer an act of retribution...







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G X Todd: Defender - The Voices Book 1

Published by Headline 12th January 2017

Defender by G X Todd is an imaginative thriller that draws on influences from Stephen King, Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman to create a new world - where the biggest threat mankind faces is from the voices inside your own head. If you loved The Stand, you'll love Defender, the first in a four part series. 'Compelling, suspenseful, and altogether extraordinary' Lee Child. 'So accomplished that it's difficult to believe it's a first novel, Defender is already worthy to take its place alongside The Stand in the canon. An absolute gem of a book' John Connolly. 'On the cusp of sleep, have we not all heard a voice call out our name?' In a world where long drinks are in short supply, a stranger listens to the voice in his head telling him to buy a lemonade from the girl sitting on a dusty road. The moment locks them together. Here and now it's dangerous to listen to your inner voice. Those who do, keep it quiet. These voices have purpose. And when Pilgrim meets Lacey, there is a reason. He just doesn't know it yet. Defender pulls you on a wild ride to a place where the voices in your head will save or slaughter you.


A brilliant cross between Michael Crichton and Scott Westerfeld, and certainly worthy of Hollywood interest in my opinion! Edge-of-your-seat is right! Perfect read for the Christmas period...


Gerald Seymour: Jericho's War

Published by Hodder & Stoughton 5th January 2017

Jericho's War is a relentlessly powerful novel of our times from 'the best thriller writer in the world' (Daily Telegraph). In a moment of nerve shredding suspense that will affect many thousands of lives, a handful of men and women will converge on a barren stretch of Yemeni desert. Each of them will need spirit, courage and immense luck to survive the next forty-eight hours. Corrie Rankin is already a legend at MI6 when he is called back with little regard for the horrors of his recent past. Corrie is sent to take advantage of a chance to take down a high value player in the war against Al Qaeda - and, a chance for the Brits to succeed without begging help from the Americans. The sniper and his spotter who will go with Corrie are less than top team, but the best that can be found if the mission is to stay 'deniable'. And once the three misfits are in-country, they must rely on intelligence brought to them by a young British Jihadi - on the ground and close to the target - and now turned. And, close to him, is an archaeologist digging in the ruins of the Queen of Sheba' civilisation who will be their cut-out contact point. The mission is the brain-child of an apparently old, fat fool in a striped cricket blazer, a sweating figure of fun among the ex-pat community across the border in Muscat. This is Jericho ... not as old or fat or foolish as he appears, nor as harmless. This is Jericho's War. The weapons it deploys, the brutal aims it pursues, are state of the art. The fear it breeds and the raw bravery it demands are as timeless as the desert itself.


Gerald Seymour has been thrilling us for many years now, and this latest offering proves that he still has what it takes to keep us hugely entertained! This is a really top-notch thriller.


MLee Weeks: Cold Killers

Published by Simon and Schuster 1st December 2016

Eddie Butcher, one of four brothers from a notorious East End family, is tortured and brutally murdered while visiting London from his home in Marbella. DI Carter and DS Willis monitor his extravagant funeral in case Eddie?s violent brother Terry, under house arrest in Spain, tries to make an appearance. Terry is wanted for robbery, drug trafficking and murder - and the police strongly suspect he is even prepared to kill his own family to maintain his power. What Carter hasn?t told all of his colleagues is that this family?s history is personal to him. When Carter is offered the chance to finally catch Terry, he knows he cannot refuse. But it comes at a heavy personal, and professional, cost - and Willis must protect them all as the Butcher family?s enemies close in, wanting revenge.


I've never been able to work out how two people can write a work of fiction together, but in the case of Mary Higging CLark and Alafair Burke, it most certainly works!

Helen Fields: Perfect Remains

Published by Avon 26th January 2017

The first in a nail-shredding new crime series. Fans of M.J. Arlidge will be gripped from start to finish. On a remote Highland mountain, the body of Elaine Buxton is burning. All that will be left to identify the respected lawyer are her teeth and a fragment of clothing. In the concealed back room of a house in Edinburgh, the real Elaine Buxton screams into the darkness. Detective Inspector Luc Callanach has barely set foot in his new office when Elaine’s missing persons case is escalated to a murder investigation. Having left behind a promising career at Interpol, he’s eager to prove himself to his new team. But Edinburgh, he discovers, is a long way from Lyon, and Elaine’s killer has covered his tracks with meticulous care. It’s not long before another successful woman is abducted from her doorstep, and Callanach finds himself in a race against the clock. Or so he believes … The real fate of the women will prove more twisted than he could have ever imagined. Fans of Angela Marson, Mark Billingham and M. J. Aldridge will be gripped by this chilling journey into the mind of a troubled killer.


This is a paperback edition of last year's blockbuster...

Chris Carter: The Caller

Published by Simon and Schuster 23rd February 2017

The terrifying new thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of I AM DEATH.

After a tough week, Tanya Kaitlin is looking forward to a relaxing night in, but as she steps out of her shower, she hears her phone ring.  The video call request comes from her best friend, Karen Ward.  Tanya takes the call and the nightmare begins.

Karen is gagged and bound to a chair in her own living room.  If Tanya disconnects from the call, if she looks away from the camera, he will come after her next, the deep, raspy, demonic voice at the other end of the line promises her.

As Hunter and Garcia investigate the threats, they are thrown into a rollercoaster of evil, chasing a predator who scouts the streets and social media networks for victims, taunting them with secret messages and feeding on their fear. 


R J Bailey: Safe From Harm

Published by Simon and Schuster 12th January 2017

Sam Wylde is a Close Protection Officer to the rich and powerful. In a world dominated by men, being a woman has been an advantage. And she is the best in the business at what she does.
She takes a job protecting the daughter of the Sharifs – Pakistani textile tycoons – but she realises that there is more to their organisation than meets the eye and suddenly she finds herself in danger.
Now she is trapped underground, with no light, no signal and no escape. Dangerous men are coming to hurt her, and the young charge she is meant to be protecting.  With time running out, can she channel everything she knows to keep them safe from harm…?


Ian McFadyen: Death In Winter

Published by The Book Guild 24th November 2016

It's only four days to Christmas and, with snow deep on the ground, festive cheer abounds in the villages and small towns of rural Lancashire. Inspector Steve Carmichael is relishing the thought of a long break at home with his family. Not even the impending arrival of the cantankerous Aunty Audrey can dampen his mood. However, when a respectable woman mysteriously vanishes after boarding a train home, Carmichael's hopes of a peaceful Christmas are well and truly scuppered. What has happened to Hayley Bell?

As Carmichael's team start to pick their way through the conundrum and delve deeper into the lives of Hayley, her eccentric husband and her so-called friends, it's clear that all is not what it seems. In this, the sixth in his series of skilfully-crafted detective novels featuring DI Steve Carmichael, the author again demonstrates his mastery of the genre.

With an array of captivating characters and a dexterous plot, Ian McFadyen, once more, keeps his readers turning the pages and has them guessing right up to the bitter end.


N J Fountain: Painkiller

Published by Sphere 29th December 2016

I cannot go on like this. I feel such a burden to you. You are young and can start again. You deserve that chance. By the time you read this I will be dead. Do not grieve for me, for I am now without pain.

Yours truly for ever,

Monica suffers from chronic neuropathic pain. Every second of her life is spent in agony, and she is coping with it the best she can. However, there are whole years of her life which are a blur to her. But when she finds a suicide note, written in her handwriting, she begins to question everything. She has no memory of writing it - so who did? And if someone tried to kill her once, what's to say they won't try again. A read-in-one-sitting edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller, perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train, I Let You Go and Before I Go To Sleep.


Paige Elizabeth Turner: Beyond All Doubt

Published by Matador 28th January 2017

“Two hundred metres upstream of Evesham’s pier, Juanita Morales’ distorted body lies partly submerged, clutched by riverbed reeds. A slick of matted black hair swirls around her opaque face, concealing the tremor of her final gasps.”

When Juanita Morales’ body is found in the River Avon in Evesham after a late afternoon river cruise all fingers point to cruise operator Barry Simmons. Following Juanita’s murder, her fiancé Trevor sets about uncovering the gossip surrounding her death, but he’s not as squeaky clean as he first seems. It’s not long before other bodies start appearing and when a local newspaper journalist investigating Juanita’s murder is found dead in her car people begin to question whether there’s a link between the murders.

Prosecutor Godfrey Postlewaite is adamant that Simmons is responsible for the murders and a tense courtroom contest ensues. But when police officer Olivia Watts uncovers a photograph of Trevor and Juanita together on the day she was murdered, Trevor’s alibi is destroyed, which leaves the police wondering if he knows more than he’s been letting on.

There’s a murderer on the loose, killing without conscience or regret...

Beyond All Doubt is a classic ‘whodunnit’ crime novel that will have the reader guessing until the very end. Written in the style of Sue Grafton, with the verbosity of P. D. James, this book will appeal to fans of crime novels, particularly those who enjoy high-drama novels like those written by John Grisham.


Gary Tulley: Down, But Not Out!

Published by Matador 12th December 2016

Plastic gangster Paul Rossetti is back...and extremely dangerous! In the first book of Gary Tulley's 'The Fingerless Gloves' series, we met Ronnie Callaghan, an ex-professional boxer, who divides his time between market trading and running a boxing gym. One day, however, he was given a sharp shock when his comfortable lifestyle was threatened. Either by choice or coincidence, an unwelcome face from his past confronted him: a certain 'plastic gangster' by the name of Paul Rossetti. Back with a vengeance in Down But Not Out, Paul Rossetti has suffered six long years in a pre-determined exile - but those years have not been wasted. His lust for revenge has only been put on hold. It's festered and matured into what will surely be a bloody climax when he confronts his nemesis, Ronnie. This will be his last remaining chance to sate his revenge, with no room left for error. Callaghan, and his lifelong mentor Siddie Levy, on the other hand, seriously beg to differ! They have unwittingly become aware of Paul Rossetti's presence in Stonewater and they have ideas of their own, should any unforeseeable grief come into play. Along the way are multiple hurdles that test the individuals on both sides. The inevitable outcome will undoubtedly be determined by who's prepared to jump the highest...Down But Not Out is a gritty crime novel that will appeal to fans of professional and amateur boxing, as well as those who enjoyed Gary's first book.




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